Case Studies



Loquantur Integrates a 3 Location Surgical Center.

When a surgical practice with multiple physicians operate from multiple locations there are a number of challenges that a communications platform must solve.

Loquantur provided the answers.

Primary in a surgical practice is the security of data: All data. Our platform is deployed in a combination of Private Line and Virtual Private Networking (VPN). On the VPN side, data is encrypted using state of the art encoding methodologies. The result is an end-to-end secure system that satisfies information protection requirements.


A Construction Company Is a Hub of Constant Change

One might mistakenly assume that a company working primarily with brick and mortar may not have great needs for a multi-dimensional communications platform. And that would not be the case!

Construction companies face significant challenges in the constant buildup and tear down of different construction sites. The process is akin to opening and closing a multitude of branch offices every single year. In addition to that, actual sales and management offices may exist in many different locales, and states. A communications platform has to be flexible to support such operations. Hence, Loquantur!


Emergency Service

When it takes 4000 Rules to Seamlessly Route A Call

This is a case of a state wide emergency service being handled by 21 different groups through a single toll free number. Some of these groups have as many as 8 locations that comprise them. The service reliability cannot be taken lightly. Although the routing and processing to all of the groups is governed by highly tuned rules, a caller cannot be presented with a complex routing tree. They must reach the correct phone at the correct group in the correct department as quickly as possible. Call volumes cannot be a factor that hinders the system.